Saturday, February 19, 2005

falling on my feet

Do I fall on my feet or what? Last night I met yet another musician friend of mine in the street. Richard. He never plays live he just confines himself to his studio making albums. he's an accomplished keyboard player and guitarist. So he's just gone and bought himself an 8 track Fostex for his recording studio.
"I hear you and the gang are making an album?" he says.
"Yes. That's right. " I say "But we're having a bit of trouble multitracking with the equipment we've got."
"Do you want my old 4 track Fostex?"
"Do I ever."
"Well it's yours on a sort of long term loan then. I'll leave it out for you downstairs at my place pick it up whenever you want."
So courtesy of various friends we now have a Fostex, a mixing desk and loads of stage equipment.
Dels eyes lit up when I told him. "You do realise The Beatles Sergeant Peppers album, was recorded on a four track?"
"Yes Del."
Well this new acquisition has opened up a whole new spectrum of things we can do in my recording studio. DelanDaHat The Sergeant Pepper years. Not only that, I was talking to DJH, Christ wont people allow me to use their names anymore, I'm not allowed to mention his real name, although I can't think what's wrong with being called David. Anyway DJH is another musician who stopped being a musician to become a producer. He's offered to master the tapes, being as he has much more hi tech studio equipment than we have. Also he's produced loads of albums (apparently)
"There's another credit to go on the Album sleeve then David."
"No I don't want a credit. Don't mention my name."
"Why not are you going to be embarrassed to be associated with the album."
"No of course not. It's just I don't need a credit on the sleeve. I'm not like that. but if you must do a credit just write DJH, nothing more. Don't mention my name."
"I want a credit." pipes up Paul my sound engineer.
"You'll get a credit of course Paul you're the sound engineer."
"No I want a credit for playing guitar on High and Dry."
At this rate the credit list on the album sleeve will run to ten pages.
We'd also like to thank Anjim for selling us the beer drunk during recordings, Leslies cat, Alan the postman, Andy for staying out of my way and not talking to me, thanks to Steve for continuing to be plain daft.
Special thanks to the cute girl who waved at me from her car while stopped at the lights, you looked familiar, but still haven't a clue who you are.

Oh yeah I've been instructed by Tony to tell you all about Star Trek.
I'm to tell you to log onto trekunited and pledge loads of money to get Paramount to reverse their decision to axe Star Trek.
You can also have a read of to find out more stuff. Currently the site has raised just under $30,000 in four days.
If you are a trek fan then there's loads of interesting stuff to read.
You even get your money back if they don't reverse their decision.
So if you're a fan have look.

iPod now playing - High and Dry by DelanDaHat


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