Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Jamie Lee Curtis

Last night because of football, (Manchester United Lost 2:0 on aggregate) Paul didn't want to come to the music club, Sandra had a gig with Franco and Simon was ill with a bad cold the music club didn't happen. A phoned earlier to tell me V wanted to come so could I take my spare guitar. Ooops had to tell him that there was no music club this week. Did I tell you about V?

She's only fifteen and the daughter of a hippy friend of mine L. L was/is, no one can tell right now, is in a realtionship with M, who is an alcoholic. He goes on benders and disappears for days on end. L threw him out and said he was never coming back. but he does and she lets him, she picks up the pieces everytime.
V is very quiet. She seems very shy. But she is an enthusiastic musician (trainee). She amazed me at Christmas when we were all at Ls house and she played keyboard. I didn't realise she was that good. I've just been teaching her guitar. A, her father bought her a drum kit. So she's learning that as well. So she's a bit of an all rounder.
M plays guitar with R who gave me the Fostex. They made an album and V sings on it. She's very modest about that.
I like the way she keeps trying.

So I went to see Sandra and Franco play at The Three Horseshoes in Yaxley a village near Peterborough. They were terrible. On the way I surprised Jamie by turning up and dragging him out of the house. His Mother was having band practice at home. Did I tell you she's professional musician as well? She's not as good a guitarist as me. but she can sing like an Angel. Yes of course she can play guitar, but her playing is very twee. It's ever so nice and gentle and plinky plinky if you know what I mean. But she lacks impact. It's like she is afraid to play loudly, she's apologising before she starts.

We stayed for Sandras first set. At the interval I went to Sandra and suggested she gave her guitar some "welly", "stop fucking around play it like you mean it." Adam the lead guitarist with Leon heard me and came over "He's right you know, If I played like that the audience would start asking what was wrong. Don't be afraid to play loudly. Show some confidence."
"I know that." says Sandra.
It's very difficult to be critical of your best friends. I don't want to destroy any confidence they have. But there were a few things they did that need to be sorted out. Like starting a song with dual vocals straight from nothing. They sang out of tune. They need to play an introduction to get the note in their head before they sing. Either that or practice more.

It wasn't all bad though. Sandra sang an Alaniss Morrisette song "Hand in my pocket" with just Franco on guitar.It was fabulous. I looked round the pub and people were singing along. It was a very strong song for her. She needs to build on that.

Jamie asked to be taken home because he has school tomorrow. I think it was a lot to do with the fact one of his school teachers came in and said "hello " to him. he thought he'd better not stay until the end. So I took him home.

Tonight it's football again Arsenal are playing. So that's Del sorted for the night, I don't think we'll ever get this album recorded.
I shant even bother asking tonight. Football comes first.
I think I'll just grab a bottle of sparkly wine and go and call on Jamie Lee Curtis instead. We all have our fantasies.....................

iPod now playing - Sad eyed lady of the lowlands By Bob Dylan


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