Thursday, May 26, 2005


Del and I have a gig on Monday this is how last nights rehearsal went.
45 minutes of misery watching Liverpool get absolutely trounced by AC Milan. They looked like a sunday league side up against the top team, totally outclassed. Then the second half where in shear disbelief we watched as Liverpool made an incredible comeback a completely different team came on in the second half. Then 30 minutes of extra time and 15 more minutes of penalties. meanwhile Charlie is sitting there with my Ovation "playing quietly" while we told him to shut the fuck up there's footy on't telly.
"So Del, what's the plan for Monday?" I ask after full time and the fists in the air and high fives etc.
"I'll Email you a set list."
So that was our rehearsal. No going over songs with a fine toothed comb, no getting arrangements nailed. Nothing. But then why change the habits of a life time, we've never rehearsed before so why should now be different?
Meanwhile Charlie was in the zone playing a new song he'd written. We recorded it with him on guitar and vocals, Del on Bass and me on Mandolin. It was wasn't bad. Although Charlie kept begging me to let him rerecord his vocal track because he'd just thought of some more killer lyrics.In the end I had to kick him out but not before playing football in our carpark at one in the morning.
So that's how we rehearse in Rock and Roll land. I knew you'd be interested.

Meanwhile courtesy Petal, here's your sex tip of the day........
When buying a vibrator place the switched on model on the tip of your nose. If you sneeze that's the one you should buy. Well I don't know about you but that's certainly got me thinking ......... why would anyone want to stick a vibrator up their nose? Anyway should the occasion arise I'll know what to do. You see I know how to excite the girls. Being a Rock and Roll sex God with crowds of adoring fans throwing themselves at my feet and stripping off in front of me while I play guitar. Actually that's only happened once. We were playing at the Whistle Stop in Tallington and this lady of ample proportions felt the need to strip off in front of the band. There was a lot of jigglage on view. Oh dear and while I'm thinking of it memories keep coming back of all those cheers leaders dancing in front of us at the Exeter Arms being really sexy and doing cartwheels right in front of the stage. It's enough to put you right off your Eb diminished 5ths. How can you concentrate? But we were professional. ha ha. Played to the crowd. Life doesn't get much better.
Rock on dudes


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