Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dixon of Dock green

I was going to write an incredibly humourous blog tonight. It would have had you holding your sides and begging for mercy. It would have been so funny you'd have wet yourselves laughing. But instead I'm going to watch Jack Warner and Dirk Bogard in "The Blue Lamp" released 1950. A film I recorded this afternoon while I was supposedly working. I love those old films.

The music club was awesome tonight. We had Rory turn up who was a professional musician in South Africa until recently. Also Sean and Hayley who are going from semi professional t0 professional about now. I was at the bar when Hayley started singing. By God! She turned the pub upside down. Even behind the closed doors. Everyone turned round to listen. For a small skinny girl she has such a powerful voice and such stage presence.
Sean practices religiously for four hours every day. I guess that's why he's a million times better than I am.

That's it I'm outa here.

Rock on dudes and Evenin' All


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