Monday, October 17, 2005

The All New Adventures of Jesus Christ

Saturday night I did my first paid photo shoot. I took well over 100 photos. This is one of them. Unfortunately I wasn't using the Canon EOS300D, but the results were'nt that bad. The ISO settings were at the max on my old digital I was using. But I got some interesting shots. The band is The Pulse and this is Jason the lead guitarist.

Later back at home Charlie and I were batting the breeze and then we played football in the car park. Loads of people were about getting their post night club munchies from the takeaway. Suddenly there was a big crash of broken glass. That unmistakable crump of a car window being smashed. We turned to see what was going down. A guy had put his fist through a taxi window. (he'd asked the taxi driver to take him home but the taxi was already waiting for a fare, who was in the takeaway.) They guy pissed off that this "ignorant" taxi driver wouldn't take him home. Smashed his window for him. The taxi driver leapt out and tackled the guy. There was a scuffle. The guy struggled to release the taxi drivers grip and lost his leather jacket. The taxi man got another grip on the guys shirt, the guy wriggled out of that too. He was wearing leisure trousers so when he finally legged it upm the road he looked like he was running away naked from the waist up in his jim jams. Charlie said "What a wuss." Girls on the pavement looked at the wussy guy in disgust as he ran back to mommy. Charlie took the opportunity to try a few pick up lines with the cute girls on the pavement.
Meanwhile another chap was wandering around telling people "It wasn't me, I didn't have anything to do with it" and "I don't even know the guy".
Within two minutes the road was gridlocked with taxis arriving from all over the city. As each taxi arrived the new chap was telling each of the taxi drivers that "It's wasn't me...etc". Eventually one of them got fed up with him and told him to go away (sort of). The guy punched the taxi driver in the face. A professional punch, quick and solid, with follow through. The taxi driver went down like a sack of potatos hitting his head on the pavement. Everyone looked on shocked by this escalation of violence. The guy grabs the taxi driver by the shoulders and sits him up and stands behind him propping him up with his legs. "See? He's OK. Why doesn't anyone listen it's got nothing to do with me."
Blue lights flashed down the road. The guy steps to one side letting the taxi driver fall smashing his head for the second time. "I'm off." he says "It's always me that gets the fucking blame for everything."
He doesn't run he just ambles slowly off melting into the crowd.

Charlie and I are grilled by the police "What were you doing during all this?" Our answer of "we were playing football." (at 1:30am) raised a suspicious eyebrow. I'm not sure he believed us. The guy in the photo is the Taxi driver. He was unconscious for ten minutes after the police arrived. Even then he didn't know where he was or what happened. The ambulance left at 03:00am.

Rock on Dudes


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