Thursday, October 13, 2005

There's good and there's bad

C.I.D. came to see us today. They busted the guys' house this morning. The caught 'em bang to rights. Arrests were made and confessions obtained. They could hardly deny anything being as they were surrounded by stolen goods.m The court case comes up on the 18th of this month. Result!

Today I had a phone call. It took me by surprise.
"Hello is that Mike Da Hat?"
"How much do you charge to come and take photos of our band? We've got a gig this weekend. We'd like you to take some photos."
"er... I ... er... um... I hadn't thought about it."
"How about we just keep you in beer for the evening then?"
"How about you give me £25 and I'll take as many photos as I can and give you a CD after with all the photos on it."
So I've got my first commission. I could have charged more but then I know what they are getting paid to do the gig. My share equates to the same as the band members get each. And I don't have to play.
All I need is for Mick Jagger to ask me to photo one of his gigs and I'm all made up.

Charlie turned up tonight. he helped me move the last of my furniture out of my "flat". In return I drove him to his "hot" date. We stopped off at the cash machine then an off licence to get a bottle of wine. As we pulled up outside the house his "hot" date was waiting for us. She was really cute. Jet black hair and very slim, far too young for me but I can have my fantasies. I left Charlie to his rampant sexual adventures with the hot chick. I came home and proceeded to fill several black dustbin bags of stuff to either sling out or hide.

It's a shit game I'm playing. But it's a matter of survival. I don't want to move out of my home. but the penalty is I've got to appear not to be living here. So tonight I'm sleeping on the floor. I've done this hundreds of times before. But then I was young and supple. My bones moulded to the various surfaces I found myself on. Now I am older and more used to comfort. It's going to be interesting. I'm like Steven Segal except without the muscle and the martial arts skills. He rolls up his shirt into a log shape and lays on the floor and sleeps to attention on his back. There's no curling up into a ball on his side with this guy. No he's rough, he's tough. He's not normal. I feel like a student again. Rebellious.

You know that's the thing I am rebellious. I could easily find a new place to live. I have the money. I have the contacts. But it's become a matter of principal to me. Why should I move out just to please some authority figure. Just to comply with rules and regulations. Rules were made to be broken. Laws made to be bent.

I am making a stand. Not for anyone in particular but for myself. I can't advertise what I'm doing. I'd be found out. So this is just for me. This is me taking the piss out of the establishment and coming out on top.

I thought I had plenty of time. I'd worked it out that I had til next tuesday. A friend phoned me tonight and we discussed the situation. She said "Surely 21 days is tomorrow"
"No it's next Tuesday."
"No work it out."
I worked it out. Shit! I was a week out. Mad panic to get everything hidden. I can be inspected anytime tomorrow onwards.
So now it's past 01:00am and I'm knackered. I'm pleased Charlie helped me. The rest I had to do by myself.

So goodnight dear friends I'm off to sleep on the floor a la Steven Segal....
In an empty room. Ooooh It echoes choe choes choes

Rock on dudes


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