Monday, October 31, 2005


My son was giving me yet another of his Photoshop master classes. Yet again we chose Abi as the experimental subject matter. This is what we came up with tonight. This effect is called "liquify". It makes this photo look every inch an album cover. I'm sure this effect can be over done but as a one off it's pretty cool.
Meanwhile at University Gemmalah is making an animated film about "FoxGirl" a pathetic anti heroine, who tries to right the wrongs of the world but always manages to fuck it up. So that's going to be an Emmy winner.
Oh yes and I've bought a new camera. It's a Canon EOS350D. 8mp.
Del has booked me to photograph his new kittens, Sooty and Sophie. So that's another rock and roll photoshoot. If I can I'm going to photograph them peeping out of their igloo cat basket. It'll be so cute. If you like cats that is. Personally I don't give a shit. Are they good on toast? That's all I want to know. Meanwhile...

Rock on Dudes


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