Monday, April 03, 2006

Firends I have a Problem

Friends I have a problem. Today I was asked by a computer games company to supply some photographs to use as a template for a possible forthcoming computer game.
"No problem." I said, "What sort of images do you want?" You see us professionals call photos "images".
"We want you to give us photos of a teenage boys bedroom. It's got to be quite big with lot's of space on the walls and the usual bedroom furniture. We can't use a box room for instance."
"That sounds easy enough."
"You'll do it?" I didn't notice at first the urgency in the voice on the other end of the line.
"Sure no problemo."
"Great. Get back to us A.S.A.P."
I took a few contact details and hung up, feeling quite pleased I'd been chosen for such a prestigious job. It wasn't until later in the pub talking to Del and the Quinn brothers that I realised I had been handed the poison chalice that no one else wanted. How does a 47 year old photographer get into a teenage boys bedroom with a camera and not end up on a police list? It doesn't look good. In fact it looks pretty damned bad. Now I'm wondering how many other photographers they phoned before me before they found the mug (me) to agree to do it. Virtually everyone in the book I guess. So now I have a dilemma do I back out or grit my teeth and get the job done?

ON the bright side I'm in negotiations with Sony EMI to do an Album cover for them. They love my pics (Sometimes we don't say "images")and they will pay me mega bucks. Actually £450. That's a shit load for me. But then I aint David Bailey.

More on the bright side I've been commissioned to produce an album cover for a live album, except I don't know which band it's for yet. So if both come off that will be 3 album covers I've done.

Meanwhile I am now working for the local Evening newspaper as a photographer. The pay is shite. But the fringe benefits brilliant. Money is starting to come in as I work for the Evening Telegraph and do stuff on the side.

Rock on dudes.


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