Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pigeon English

Wednesday night I've got to go to a photoshoot at the Central Library. The BBC will be there filming and Dave the Chef wants me along for moral support. Take a few photos and make him look important.
Meanwhile I'm lined up for a photoshoot with the president of the East of England Bird Fanciers association. That's pigeons to you. I've got to interview the guy and get his thoughts on the the impending doom that is the Bird Flu and how it will affect him and the other pigeon fanciers and what are they doing about it etc etc. Take a few photos and send in my copy to the editor for approval. It's great fun being a journalist and photographer you get to meet so many different people and talk to them. I mean today I found out that it's pointless selling a racing pigeon to another person to race because they fly back to the original owner, so they sell pigeons purely for breeding purposes. One pigeon was sold recently for £200,000.00 There's money to be made racing pigeons. Bert who I spoke to today won £1,400.00 just for having his pigeon come second in a race.

I got paid for the Masons gig. So with the money I scored myself the latest Canon Pixmar photograph printing machine. It's fabulous. Stunning reproductions. I'm going to use the A4 size pictures I've printed for a photo exhibition I'm going to have some time soon. It's all self publicity of course. I'm a publicity whore.

This weekend I've got two photoshoots, one of a band and the other a female singer songwriter who wants some publicity shots. Life doesn't get much better. No doubt you'll see the results in the fullness of time.


Rock on dudes


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