Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back To Nature

So last night I was taking photos of the Muddy Promotions Equinox party at the bar Lisboa for the Evening Telegraph. I was pretty cranky, I was cranky before I even arrived, and when I got there and they said I had to pay to get in, I just took a trip to Cranksville Arizona, with my usual, "OK I'll just fuck off home then, I've got better things to do than be here taking photos. So you just explain to the people organising this, why they aint going to get photos in the Evening Telegraph this week." It did the trick.
Today I woke up still cranky. Picked up camera and headed for the hills to chill out. Found these frogs shagging in a pool. You know when you're shagging there could be a bomb explode outside your bedroom and you just wouldn't notice. I guess that's why these guys were so patient with me.
You'd better be quick if you want to catch these. White violets. Two weeks ago, none to be found, today they are almost over and starting to die off.

This DJ guy from Radio One collared me last night. Look I don't listen to Radio One, it's Terry Wogan for me 1st thing, yeah I'm getting old, I know that, so how the hell should I know this guy from Adam? Anyway he invited me to Cambridge to take photos at the Student Union. It's the birthday bash of the famous DJ "Normski". Del says I'm going to hate it.

Tonight Del was giving me a run down of the different music styles, garage, urban garage, house, chilled grooves, drum and bass, techno watsit, apparently it's all down to the beats per minute, and I'm still no wiser. Fuck it! I just take the photos. What do I care? I'd just like to know what the fuck they're talking about. I wonder if Mick in the UK is still about I'm sure he could tell me. He's a clever sod about music.

So Rock on dudes.

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