Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Nightclub

I get out the car and walk across the car park of the Botolph Arms. This guys looks up and calls me over. "Mr Da Hat" he says shaking my hand, "How's about you come down to my night club to take some pictures. I'll buy you a drink and pay you."
"Sounds good."
"Next Thursday then at 'The Limit'?"
It's a done deal.
I had the biggest compliment for a long time the other night. The lead singer of a band playing at Unity came up to me and said "I love your website. It's fantastic. Great pictures."
"Thanks a lot." I said as humbly as I could, which wasn't very humble.
"Yeah actually one of the main reasons for playing this gig was to get some decent photos taken of our band." he said.
So it seems word is getting round that playing at Unity is a guaranteed photoshoot for the bands, and God knows some of these bands need some decent photos on their websites. I often check out band websites and the photos they use are appalling. It's my one man mission to raise the standard. The picture above is the lead guitarist of heavy rock band "Pure."

Rock on dudes


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