Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Double standards

You know what really pisses me off right now. This mularky about the Pope and what he did or didn't say as an insult to Islam. So they're all up in arms and even considering giving him the death sentence. So he's back tracking and apologising and everyone has to be real careful like they're treading on egg shells just in case we might upset the muslims with a joke or something. Meanwhile in a protest rally in London they're holding up placards saying stuff like "Jesus is a slave to Allah". Now how insulting is that to a Christian? Not that I'm a Christian, I'm not I avoid religion like the plague. But it seems to me double standards that we can't insult their religion but they can sure as hell insult Christianity.
These Muslim dudes need to get a shot of humour in their lives.
And while I'm at it what's all this crap about environmentally friendly munitions. Like grenades that explode but don't give off harmful smoke. Or lead free bullets, because lead is harmful. The world has gone mad.
So back to stuff I really like. This is Rachel Myles of the band "Stranger". They're a covers band but absolutely brilliant. This is what we need, more music less war.
Rock on dudes


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