Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rocking for Chariddy

These are my mates Dave and Damo from the band Acer. They were at a charity function Sunday night. I phoned Duncan at the Evening Telegraph asking if he wanted some pics to go with the story he was going to write. He didn't even know about it. So much for the big promotions company. They forgot the basics like actually advertising the gig and mentioning it to the newspapers. Three guys and a dog turned up... ..not really but the event was very poorly attended, which is a shame because the bands were shit hot. We had great bands at a great venue, great sound system brilliant lighting, but then the local radio DJ died a thousand deaths because no one gave a shit. Bless him trying to run a charity auction with a crowd of twenty. I bid for a couple of books. I got them for £10. On collecting them they said "Hang on you might as well have this lot as well. They didn't sell in the auction." they handed me a carrier bag. So I got for £10 two books worth £38 both signed by the author, 7 cd's, 2 free tickets for the local cinema and a wallet and a keyring and a couple of landrover biros and a lovely orange carrier bag. Posted by Picasa


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