Friday, November 24, 2006

It's a tough life

Got a couple of new jobs last night. The first was to take photographs of our official labour party candidate prior to the next election. OK it's boring. I'm not a political type person, but hey! the guy bought me a beer. He's got my vote.
The second job is much much more interesting. We have a strip club near us who need some publicity pics done. Of course they can't have pics with regular punters in shot so they're closing for the evening and inviting friends and family etc for a private party. This is when I'll be going along. So I'm going to get paid a shit load to take photos of beautiful naked Laydees. My friend said he'd do it for £50 and a blow job. I need to pay bills so I'll forsake the blowjob in favour of the full £450.00. It's a tough life.
Meanwhile the subject of todays pic is Andy Whittle, folk singer and all round very nice guy. It's also one of the photos to feature in my forthcoming exhibition. Posted by Picasa


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