Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas Cards

This year I intend to send all my Christmas cards Psychically. So during the next couple of weeks I'll be thinking very hard of a Christmas card and psychically sending it to you via telepathy. I'll be doing it individually because I'm not sure my powers are enough to do a one off global telepathic mail shot.
So if during the next few weeks you get a thought about Christmas and Christmas cards, well that will be me sending you my Psychic card. It could be just a fleeting thought because as I say I'm a beginner at this telepathy lark, but be sure to know it's me sending you the greetings. if you think of Christmas more than once it may be me trying again because I wasn't confident I got through first time. Just treat the second thought as a missed call and ignore the rest of your christmas thoughts. Or rejoice in the knowledge that I care so much about you I'm making you think of Christmas a load of times.


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