Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It's a funny thing I just got a letter from the solicitors representing the owner of the property I as squatting in. Seems he's had a change of heart and now wants me to live there again, for security reasons. Actually it makes sense to have someone on the property at all times. So to sweeten the deal he's proposing a rental of £1000 a year. Hmmm That's much cheaper than my legit rent and this will be legit too. I'll have to think about it. I'm committed to at least another few months in my regular house but I must admit I'm inclined to move back to the hustle bustle and noise of the city.
The pic I took in the woods yesterday it was 20C. lovely and warm. We haven't even put the central heating on yet. I shall have to learn how before it gets really cold. Which got me thinking. If I'm not putting the heating on because it's too warm then I'm not burning fossil fuels and contributing to the carbon dioxide in the air so there'll be less, so problem solved. Maybe too simplistic. Posted by Picasa


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