Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lazy Weekend

So I had a lazy weekend playing with the camera and doing not much at all. But sometimes that's great. Got a letter from Sony BMG they want to buy some photos. But can't afford to pay for the whole package of 160 pics @ £450. What Sony BMG can't afford a poxy £450? Who are they trying to kid? They spend more than that in a dinner time entertaining people. I've a good mind to tell em to go forth and multiply. Because quite frankly they're taking the piss. So if you've any good advice on what I should do or not do comment away. Basically they want to cherry pick the photos and pay me a pittance. Despite 8 hours on the photoshoot and a weeks worth of photo editing .
So the top picture is my beloved Ovation geetar and the bottom picture is where I was walking on Sunday. Actually I wasn't doing Jesus Christ impressions by walking on water. I was walking alongside the water. Posted by Picasa


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