Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Todays paper featured a full page spread (page three) of my work. The above photo is the work in question it's of last Saturdays total eclipse of the moon. I'm quite pleased with it. It's a photomontage of course and not time lapse or anything like that. I took the pics using my canon EOS350D with a 300mm lens with image stabiliser and tripod mounted. They even published a picture of me as well. Wow! So I'm all made up. I've been promoted from my usual page 7 or 9 to page 3. I've yet to make the front page but I'll get there.

Meanwhile at my club we've got the final of the Band of 2007. It's gonna be great we've got three fantastic bands competeing. Well they have to be good to get into the final. The semis and the final have generated so much interest and we're expecting the venue to be packed. Craig, my trainee music promoter, and I will share the compereing duties for the night. Then Shaggy will take over for the announcment of the final winners and hand out the prizes.
Meanhwile we've got the very lovely Heather McVey doing a set to entertain the punters while the votes are counted. You've got to check out Heathers
myspace site and listen to her voice, she is awesome she has a voice that will melt you, rich and powerful, a bit like Annie Lennox. Go on check her out you know you want to just CLICK HERE


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