Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The BMF Rally

Last weekend I was one of the official photographers for the BMF Rally. Looking at the 100% biker forum I can see the people who went were not impressed. But I had a good time and got some great pics. This was taken about 8pm at the members camp site at Elton Hall. I love this photo, great colour. For entertainment they put on a few bands this was Hogwash a Glamrock covers band. They also had a band called Sabotage. The lead singer is a little girl of 10 years old. her brother is 12 and plays lead guitar. They played in front of 5000 people. Awesome.
Now this little fella has been in my garden for weeks now ferrying grubs and insects back and forth to his / her nest. I used a long lens (70-300mm) to get this but still I was only about 8 foot away when I took the shot. The Robin was surprisingly unbothered by my presence.


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