Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Apologies to everyone who has been looking here to find not much new. Particularly Del who doesn't comment much but collared me in the pub last night to remind me I haven't put anything up for him to read since April the 3rd. Well I've been busy doing some of this....also some of this....

But mainly I've been doing a lot for the new magazine I now work for as head photographer. Art & Soul magazine. It's dedicated to celebrating Art, Artists Sculptors, Poets, writer, musicians and bands. We've only released issue one so far but we've had massive positive response. Which is very heartening.

Meanwhile I am now a dot com. In as much as I have my own photographic website that was built for me in lieu of wages whilst the magazine gets going. you can check it out here www.mikeharrisphotography.com It's not in it's final state yet. The wording needs to be sorted and some of the photos removed. They web designeers just put shit loads of my photos on just so I could see what it looks like. We'll fine tune it soon when we have time. But basically that's it. Check it out. If you've comments or suggestions I'd be pleased to here them.

Meanwhile Rock on dudes.


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