Thursday, June 14, 2007

Video shoot

Well I've been busy working for the magazine I don't seem to have any free time at all nowadays.Except I'm not complaining. What would I do with free time? Probably do more of what I'm doing now. So I've been working with these guys as a stills photographer while they shoot the video. I've been doinbg some publicity photography for a recording studio.
...and I've been workinig hard keeping the music club going. Booking bands like Pink and Ruby (below) she's slovenian and plays lovely acoustic numbers with floating harmonies. Actually she sings in slovenian as well. Then got bored and decided to sing and play the songs backwards as an experiment. The things people do for fame and fortune.
Last night i was photographing a guy who makes see through guitars. They've got acryllic bodies sometimes called plexiglass. It's not a new concept someones done it before but they're pretty cool and cheap.


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