Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blazing the trail

It's hot. Damned hot. Two guys are leaning on the fence opposite. I know them. My man has pointed them out before. They're heavy users. It's blazing hot and they have their hoods up over their heads. They're kind of anxious, shifty, almost dancing on the spot, looking up and down the road. One of them bends down to reach something out his trouser pocket,. If he didn't have his trousers so low he wouldn't have to bend down and I wouldn't have to see his underwear. It's glass. he holds out his hand to his friend who slaps something into his palm. They turn round to face the fence backs to the world. A minute of heads together and concentration they're ready. A quick look up and down the road and then spark up. The first is  continually putting his lighter to the glass tube, while impatiently his friend dances beside him. After a few seconds frantically puffing on the glass he throws his head back and passes the glass to his friend who immediately does the same.
They have stopped dancing, jigging about. They're just standing now swaying in the sunshine. The hoods come off. and they stagger off towards town.
My man walks in "Did you see 'em?"
"Yes they were a bit blatent weren't they?"
"Blazing crack on a street corner is not cool. In front of kids." my man is very indignant. Despite the fact he's usually high on something or other, he has standards.  His standards. "I can't stop." he says "I'm gonna go look at a dog."
"But you've already got a dog."
"This one is being mistreated by it's owner and I'm not  having it. It's time he was sorted out."
"Sorted out?"
"Yes. If he's hurt that dog. I'll hurt him, twice  as badly.  Don't you worry. I wont have it."
He crushes the inevitable beer can that's in his hand by way of demonstration and throws it on my floor.
"That's my floor." I say in theatrical disbelief.
"Sorry." and he picks up the can and puts it in my bin "But I wont have cruelty to animals."
he walks out the door "Stay safe!" I shout after him. he doesn't turn round. 


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