Friday, June 10, 2016

A friend of mine came to my gaff. He looked terrible. To be honest he always looks terrible. Many years ago when I first started as an electrician he also started as an electrician. I started with MY father and he started with HIS father. We both did well and carried on. I eventually took over the business from my father BUT something terrible happened to him, his wife left him without warning. Took everything all the furniture his children everything. he had a breakdown and never worked again. He turned to drugs and alcohol. He was in a terrible situation.  Then I never saw him again for years. I found him again when we moved. He's an alcoholic and drug user. But with me he is always polite and pleasant. he tells me stories of the drug gangs around here and all the terrible things that happen that normal people don't see.
So he came in and he could  hardly speak, He was was definitely on drugs. He was upset. he told me that one of his friends had died of an overdose at his house. The police came and people questioned. he told me the drug was "white china". I looked it up. It's not a new drug but it's very dangerous. Too many people have died taking this drug.I told him this. Then I asked him why he would risk so much for such a dangerous drug. he said "It was free." 
I said "If I give you a loaded gun for free would you shoot yourself?"
"Well that's what you're doing with this shit. You're gambling with your life playing Russian roulette."
"Someone stole my dustbin."
"My green bin was stolen so I've been out looking for another to steal to replace mine."
"Well don't nick mine. I need it."
"No you're friend I wouldn't take yours. Anyway I've already found one."
I looked out the window. A green wheely bin stood outside like a dog tied to a lamp post, waiting.
So this is what his priorities are  his friend died and all he can worry about is his wheely bin. He needs help. But I think it's too late.

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