Friday, November 02, 2007

So I called up Big Tony to see if I could borrow a brief case full of money. He's got plenty. His business is very cash driven and violent. He owed me a favour. The deal was done and Little Tony turned up at my gaff with the promised briefcase full of money in used notes. Non sequential. Funny thing is Little Tony is a huge guy and Big tony isn't. Those Italians eh? Having a laugh as usual. Little Tony walked in and placed the case on the side. He opened it snapping both locks at the same time. Slowly and deliberately he opened the case.
"Is da money." he said, his stern face not cracking once, "i county out, I county back inna da case."
He licked his thumb pulled out a wad and started counting. Slowly and methodically he took out each wad, counted and placed it on the floor.
When he'd finished we picked up the cash and threw it around.
"wass da madda you, you cray zeee man?"
"It's a for some photographs." I could tell Little Tony was not impressed.
Later on when we set up the Easter bunny shot, Little Tony smiled for the first time. He's a softy really. Just don't mess with him.


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