Friday, June 18, 2004

Behind the scenes

Just been to the Fiddlers Elbow to see the band (The Kidnaps) I am showcasing tomorrow night (Friday). It was a "Battle of the bands" competition sponsored by The Live music centre and The evening telegraph. Well The Kidnaps won and I'm very pleased. Admittedly they were quite heavy. but they told me that they are looking forward to playing this gig acoustically. They said "It's gonna be very different. Laid back and mellow." So I'm looking forward to that.
Had a call from Richard and Abi tonight. They've confirmed that they'll play the 9th July. I can't wait. I've told you about Richard and Abi before.But it's worth repeating. Richard is a brilliant guitarist and Abi is an incredible vocalist, she has such stage presence. Check out their website:

Who to put on with them? Eeek! That's a toughy. Obviously they'll be the headline act but who to put on first? I'll have to think about that very carefully. Being a music promoter isn't as easy as it first appears. There's so much going on behind the scenes that the vast majority of the public don't even know about, or care about. But hey! It's a lot of fun. I wonder if my ex-wife, Vikki, will play a set? Now there's a thought. She is good. She's very good. I might ask her. Good job, even though we're divorced, we're still friends. I'll let you know what she says.

May your God be with you

Rock on!



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