Friday, June 18, 2004

Deciding the fate of the country over a few beers.

Last night I went to the "Band of the year" competition. Or battle of the bands. Whatever. They had a really curious way of deciding the winner.On entering the venue we were all given voting slips. OK they were raffle tickets but what the hell! So that seemed sensible. Each person had a chance of voting. But then I was given another voting slip when I bought a drink. Hmmmm? I looked along the bar and everyone was getting extra voting slips with each drink ordered. So then we had the situation whereby the people most incoherent with alcohol, the most unlikely to be able to think clearly would have the most votes. Wow! Who thought that one up?
Well my friends in the band "The Kidnaps" won the competition. Now does that mean their fans were the most outrageously drunk, or did they just have more fans or were they actually the best band?

I wonder what would happen if the government introduced this voting system to decide who runs the country? I know in the pub I go to there are always a load of people who think they can run the country better than any elected government. Especially after copious amounts of beer. This must be the way forward. So let's go to the pub and decide the fate of the country over a few beers. It sounds much more civilised than the slanging matches we have in the houses of parliament.

Rock on dudes.


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