Friday, June 25, 2004

Losing the plot

We (ad Hock) played Geneva’s bar last night. We got there early to set up so we could watch the football. The instructions were we don’t play until the football was finished. So we sat and had a few beers, and some Rachi or is it Rakki? Del had O.D.ed on the stuff whilst on honey moon and he was determined I should try some. So we went outside where his wife was parked up waiting for us with bottle of Rachi and some glasses. Great drink, aniseed flavoured, although I was thinking, a few seconds after swallowing the stuff, of Gollum screaming “It burns, it burns ussssss.”
Del was getting restless wanting to get on stage.Tony laid back as usual said “Look at it this way Del. We’re getting paid to sit here drink beer and watch football. How many jobs give you that?”
Across from us were a group of foreigners who were intent on drinking the pub dry of Stella Artois. Spookily enough they were the only ones shouting “Eng-er- land” eventually one of them collapsed in an alcoholic stupor sending pints of Stella flying to the floor. None of them moved they just stared at him. Poked him a bit to make sure he was unconscious then stole his beer, and bought yet more Stella Artois. A few pints later he’s still unconscious and the others are getting close so with 15 minutes of normal time to play they stand up to go. One stumbles and falls on Del who catches him. He apologises profusely. IN Latvian or summat, so he could easily have been telling Del anything like “next time I am falling on you I will break your stupid head.” So we guessed it was an apology by the tone of his voice. Two of them pick up their unconscious buddy and drag him out the pub the toes of his shoes been polished to a nice shine on the carpet.
It got to the penalties and the punters were pulling their hair out and screaming and burying faces in hands. I thought this is going to be a hard crowd tonight.
We started playing just after 10:30. It turned out the crowd wanted to be entertained after all. So a great time was had.
After a while we stopped for a break and the hostess came up to me and said “I didn’t realise you were so good. We’re going to have to have you back here again. A Sunday night next time it’s usually packed, I’ll give you a call.”
Great! We finished at one in the morning and the landlord said “Will you be stopping to have a drink with us lads?”
Daft question really. Of course we’d have a free beer with him. Well one free beer turned into two which turned into three along with the Kentucky fried chicken which was being handed out. A tall guy was there with us indulging in several glass of the dark stuff. He started singing caberet.
“Start spreading the news”
Doo doo di doo do do doo di doo
“I’m leaving today.” And he’s falling about throwing his arms around Del and my shoulders urging us to sing along. “I wanna be a part of it “ raising to a crescendo
“NEW YORK NEW YORK……. Someone give me a mouth organ…… I wanna mouth organ……..has anyone got a mouth organ here?”
I think he’d lost the plot somewhere.
Del and I fell out the door at 3am and got a taxi home.
This morning oh joy ! I had a parcel arrive. Wonderful. It was my new football t-shirt to wear at the pub during the football. Only trouble is we’ve been knocked out the tournament, so it’s a day too late. C’est la vie. There’s always another football tournament England can lose in. I must tell you that I am not actually a football fan. So this may be the first and last time I ever mention football here.
Gotta go I need to rest. We’re playing the Fox at Folkesworth tomorrow night. That will be another late night I guess.


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