Monday, June 21, 2004

Poultry not poetry

Well I have to tell you the Kidnaps went down really well Friday night.It wasn’t a packed house but 80% of the pub goers were listening to the band. They
played virtually the same set as the night before but acoustically. It worked. Unfortunately at the end of the evening the landlord wasn’t happy. Bless him, he’s been understaffed for the last few weeks and has worked 7am until 1:00am for the last week, so he was tired. I’d had a great evening and had a few beers so I wasn’t in any position, or inclination, to argue with him. So Tony, my friend from Ad Hock, chatted with him on my behalf. Basically he said The Kidnaps were not the sort of band he wanted in his pub. OK onwards and sideways, I’ll go and have a chat with him later and find some
bands he does want on stage.

Saturday was my turn to be on stage with Ad Hock at the Swiss cottage. Brilliant fun. In the toilets this guy came to me and started telling me he was
an editor of a magazine. Poetry world.
“Wow! A poetry magazine. I’ve written two books of poems none of them published. I was thinking of having a book of rejection letters.”
He looked at me as if I was mad.
“Poems? I don’t do poems. I do poultry, not poetry. It’s poultry world. Not poetry world.”
“Oh! What they hell is there to write about chickens.”
“You’d be surprised. It’s a huge business.”
I think I’ll wait to be surprised.

Sunday Sandra and I played Charters. Mike da Hat and friend. No Simon. Haven’t spoken to him in over a week now. I guess he still has problems.
WE arrived at the boat (Charters) and dale was sitting there playing guitar. he’d been playing an hour.
“Do you want me to take over?” I asked.
So I started playing. Smashy turned up with his amplifier and microphone and when that was set up, while I was playing, I called Sandra up on stage and we started our set. Forgot to capo the guitar for “Aint no sunshine” so Sandra had to sing it down in her boots. She struggled. But the rest went down really well. That is until the bar manager told us to turn it down a bit.
At the end I spoke to dale and asked him if he’d like to play a showcase night for me. he didn’t seem to keen until I told him he’d be sharing the bill with Richard and Abi from within. Then he leapt at it. Seems he’s a great fan of Richard and Abi and their band. So that’s the next Showcase night sorted. Just got to speak to Steve the landlord to confirm it. Hope he’s still keen on the idea, especially as I’ve got publicity for the event in the newspaper.


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