Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Tonight I had my music club and invited a guy to join us. He phoned me earlier yesterday after speaking to Richard and Abi. He wanted to play one of my showcase nights. So Charly turned up and we jammed a while. Then he started playing his own stuff. Well I must tell you he is good. His music is very good on the ears. He also told me he’d never had any lessons, which explains why he plays such strange chords which spookily enough work very well. He certainly has potential. He’s young, has a slightly operatic voice, not exactly rock and roll, but great to listen to. I’ll let you know what develops. I’m not sure you’ll see him on TV, but he has potential as a working musician. I think I’m going to have to book him as a new talent act.

I'm going to watch "The blues brothers" now. Great film.
May your God be with you.



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