Thursday, July 01, 2004

Pushing the boundaries

We are playing a wedding this Saturday. The lady getting married came to me and said "There might not be a wedding."
"Oh! Does that mean we might be cancelled?"
"Christ no! If I don't get married I'm going to have a bloody great party instead."
We played last Saturday night. Started 9:00pm and played til 01:00am Then Tony went home with Debs. Del and I carried on playing until 02:30am. The pub did't shut. So we just kept on playing while the punters cried out for more. Finally after 5 and a half hours playing my fingers were hurting. I said to the landlord "Throw Del out for his own good." and I took him home. The sun was rising as I got him to his door.
I had a few hours sleep and went back to the pub to collect our equipment. Got back to Dels and he was in his dressing gown at the top of his stairs. he looked dreadful.
And in a pathetic voice he said "pub."
"You are in no condition to go to the pub Del."
"Ok perhaps you're in the best condition to revisit a pub. But count me out."
I went to RAF Waddington to see the Air Show. Brilliant except when there was a cloudburst and we all got soaked to the skin. So we stood there watching the Red Arrows with our jeans clinging to our legs. It's a good job the Italian display team went first because there is no way they could follow the Red Arrows.
The best bit was when the jets went over at full speed and the noise went straight through our bodies.Very visceral. The louder the better. I was really pissed off when a display came on and they played music to it. I don't want to listen to music I want to listen to the roar of the engines. I want to hear those Jet engines going into over drive. I want to feel it. I don't want some poxy music over the top.
Danny came round last night he installed some soft ware on my computer so I can record DVD's. Not just record DVD's but get by the protections of real DVD's. It's illegal of course. But Hey! I forked out good hard cash to watch Lord of the rings at the cinema so I can pirate the box set for my own amusement and the amusement of my children and my good friend Danny. Who supplied the software that over rides the copy right protection stuff.
I gave the DVD's to my boy. he said "That's illegal Daddy. You can't do that." He's very moral, that's how I have taught him. So I said "OK I'll take it back then."
He said "What's done is done. We might as well watch it." So he can watch it in all innocence. It's the extended version for Chrissakes! So he spent the evening watching the DVD out of the corner of his eye. Watching but not really watching. Watching by default so he doesn't feel guilty. That's what I love about my boy. He has standards. He knows what is right and wrong. I guess that's his mother in him. I have standards but there are limits. I bend the law a little. But to me life is a game to be played. There are no rules other than the rules you set for yourself. Those rules are based on the rules where you live and, I don't know, but rules have to be broken. On principle. You have to push the boundaries a little. Just to make sure things don't get too crazy. Beaurocracy can go mad.And often it does, so we need our safe guards.Our private little protests. That doesn't mean we are bad people. It just means we still want our own independance. To think the way we want to think, and to do what we want to do. Without politically correct legislation ruling our lives.

That's it for tonight.
May your God be with you.


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