Saturday, July 03, 2004

Playing guitar in a 3 piece suit

So I'm all set to go, my guitar and mandolin packed,dressed in my stage gear and Di phones. Because we are playing at a wedding Tony has decided we must be smart. He's wearing a Tux. Eeeek! So out comes the black shoes and the three piece, shirt and Mickey mouse tie, and into a rucksack go my lovely stage clothes. In case I want to change later. Which I will do. Definitely. Suits and I don't sit well together. Meanwhile Di is dashing around trying to cobble together a set of clothes for Del to wear. We're gonna be late.

This ain't rock and roll. This isn't what they told me it would be like. Who's my Member of parliament on this matter? Who can I write to? Which particular quango has been formed to administrate the wearing of three piece suits on stage when we're supposed to be rock stars? I think I might have to hang up my 12 string in shame. We'll be like some seventies motown band all in suits and singing and dancing in unison.
Oh God I feel sick!!!!!

Just give me some of that rock and rollin' music any ol' way you choose it. It's gotta back beat you can't lose it any old way you use it. Gimme some of that Rock and roll music if you wanna dance with me.


Blogger Quink said...

Like the new name... will update the link to you this evening. Have enjoyed your recent posts.

9:27 am  

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