Thursday, July 29, 2004

I received an Email tonight from a very old friend.  I don't mean he's very old, but that I've known him a long time. He gave me a brief synopsis of his life since last time we talked.
Fell in love with another woman, marriage in crisis, other woman dumped him, now other woman is best friends with wife.  How complex can that be?
My very old friend and I knew each other at school. We formed what we called the Athiest prayer group. It was a bit of a piss take of the Christians amongst us who were so devout, so intense, that they had to be brought down a peg or two.  The holier than thou brigade. The guys who said "We are Christians in a Christian school so we are better than you." Bollocks!!!!!!
One day in my shop a woman came in to pick up her vacuum cleaner that we'd repaired. She was a devout Christian. She went to church every Sunday and was a member of the church council. As she took out her credit card I saw a Donor card. I innocently  said "OH you've got a donor card. I've got one too."
"Yes but I have a rider on mine."
"What's that?" I ask in all innocence.
"It's to make sure that if I die that my organs are not given to any muslims or anyone who isn't Christian."
"That's not very Christian." I said laughing. But she was serious, and she launched into a tirade of abuse about those damned heathens. I've got to tell you I was shocked.
You may have already guessed that I don't give a shit about religion, any religion. But if I die I don't give a tinkers cuss who gets my body parts. If someone can benefit from my untimely death then it's got to be a good thing. My attitude to this customer, a white british female, took a dive. I was ashamed to be part of her world.
OK I don't believe in God or such like. But I do believe that what goes round comes round.  if you are bad then bad things come to you. If you are good then good things come to you. If you smile to someone and make them happy then they will smile at the next person and make them happy in turn and so it goes on until it gets back to you.
I have noticed that there are some days in the shop when almost everyone who comes in is in a bad mood. I've often wondered if that isn't something to do with atmospheric pressure. Or something that can be quantified. I've yet to figure it out. This is the scientist in me. I am a trained, but lapsed, scientist. A degree in Biology doesn't get you anywhere.  I'd love to finish on a funny note. But I don't feel funny right now.  Writing about this has made me want to just shut the fuck up and go to bed.


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