Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Up on the roof

I've just realised I haven't mentioned the roof top gig. It was a disaster. No I'd better put it into perspective. In fact it was a beautiful evening, warm and fresh, the food was excellent. Steve is a professional chef. The booze was free and we played on the roof. The onyl trouble was it was just the host and the band on the roof. No audience. None of the guests turned up. Not one. Can you believe it? I felt really sorry for Steve. Apart from us none of his friends bothered to show. So we played a bit, ate a bit and drank a lot. Del and Tony cleared off at 7:45 to play at the swiss cottage. I stayed in case anyone else turned up. NO one did. So suitably soused we cleared off home at 10. This is rock and roll.


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