Sunday, September 19, 2004

Gemmalah lah lah

I've just taken my daughter Gemmalah to university. Lincoln University. She's doing film studies. There were tears as I picked her up to take her. Her mother gave her a box of Kleenex. We drove to Lincoln and got our pass to the syudent car park to unload. It was absolute chaos. Cars everywhere unloading the youngsters and all their belongings.
Gemmas room justlike everyone elses is small with a long work bench/desk, a bed, a wash stand and a wardrobe. This is going to be home for her for a while. Mind you she has a lovely view of the river from her window. She's also got free internet broadband connections in her room. Jeez I never had that. Mind you when I was at uni the computers were the size of rooms
WE then discover Gemma has forgotten to bring her duvet, They don't supply them. So it was a walk to Morrisons. On the way coming the other direction were loads of people all carrying hugs bags of shopping and duvets bought at Morrisons. So she was not the only one to forget. I grabbed the last one. Hey it was only £5.99. BARGAIN. 15TOG.

We stayed a while so she didn't feel abandonned. Then sort of forcibly introduced her to a girl wandering the corridors who happened to be realy nice and doing the same course. Result. So after more tears and more hugs and half a box of kleenex we left her to her fate.

Back at home hours later:
I phoned her ten minutes ago. She was at a party, music was blaring and she was having a great time.
So no point worrying there then. She'll be OK.
IN a way I envy her because I remember I had a great time at uni. But it's her turn now.

Then it'll be Jamielah in three years time.

That's it for today. No funny stories, no amusing anecdotes just a proud Dad sending his baby off into the big wide world of further education.

Sock it to 'em Gemma.


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