Thursday, September 30, 2004

Panic? Moi?

Tonight we (Ad Hock) are recording our new live cd at Geneva's bar in Peterborough. As usual we haven't rehearsed anything. We haven't played together as a group in a month. We haven't discussed what we're going to be doing. We haven't actually done anything. I haven't even spoken to the guys in two weeks. So nothing new there then, it's situation normal. I can't see a problem with that. We've been doing it for years. It'll be great.
Mike Fowler took away my mandolin for emergency treatment day before yesterday, I gave him new strings to put on it. He forgot. He brought back the mandolin with the old strings on, it's worse than before and one of the strings is broken. He's got my spares, he said he'd drop them round last night but didn't, so, I'm not panicking. No really I'm not. The strings are only buzzing like fuck and we're playing tonight. Do I panic? No because I'm a professional. I'll dig out a suitably sized guitar string and use that. I've fixed my 12 string, using some industrial nuts and bolts from a Russian car. Not pretty but it wont break again, ever.

Today I have to try and fix my Mandolin. It'll probably mean using the cardboard from a Weetabix box, some sticky back plastic and an old washing up liquid bottle. As a kid I was never able to make any of the things shown on Blue Peter because I didn't know what sticky back plastic was. Now if they'd just come out and told me that this legendary sticky back plastic was actually sellotape well I could have made Pencil holders, desk ascessories for my Dad, beautiful little kitchen napkin holders for Mum, I could have transformed Cornflakes boxes into filing cabinets and lemonade bottles into the Starship Enterprise, but they insisted on calling it sticky back plastic. My life will never be the same. I could have seen their point if we watched the Australian version of Blue Peter over there they call sellotape "Durex". You can imagine it can't you? "Now children take your Durex .................." Kids will be running upstairs looking in Dads bedside cabinet to get some Durex so they can make the "must have" kitchen roll holder for Mum.

I gotta go I have a date with destiny and several feet of sticky back plastic. hey ho what it is to be a musician.

Rock on Dudes

iPod now playing - You need hands by Max Bygraves


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