Thursday, September 23, 2004


You know strange things have been happening to me lately. Spooky things. I never used to take much notice but since talking to my Psychic friend I've taken the trouble to actually think about it. Last night yet another spooky thing happened. I was having a quiet night in and my psychic friend came round for a chat and coffee. So we were sitting there listening to music and talking and she said she was going to the bathroom.
I lay my head back on my settee shut my eyes and listened to music, half way down the hall way I heard my friend stumble and say "oops sorry!" I didn't think anything of it.
A minute later I heard her come back into the room and I opened my eyes, it wasn't my friend but this strange dark shadowy figure walking across my room, I sat up and tried to focus on it. But as I looked harder the figure just evaporated before my eyes.
I must have still had my gob wide open when my friend came back in the room, because she just said "I see you've just met my new friend then?"
"I passed him in the hallway and I fell over your shoes letting him pass."
"Let who pass?"
"Him. Come you saw him too , I know you did, I can tell."
"Who is he?"
"I don't know it's the first time I've seen this one, seems friendly enough though, Don't you think?.
"I'm not sure he didn't actually introduce himself or even herself I really couldn't tell."
"You poor dear you are really struggling with this aren't you?"
"it's not what I'm used to."
"You will, you are very receptive, I noticed that the first time I saw you. You have the power. "
"No I don't."
"But you have, don't be scared of it, accept it."
"But I'm quite happy not having the power."
"You've got it whether you like it or not, it's like saying you are blind just because you refuse to open your eyes."
"But I never saw ghosts before. Why now?"
"Because I'm here. It's like you're riding a bike for the first time and I'm holding the saddle for you. In time you won't need me to be anywhere near and you'll see them all by yourself. I'm just allowing you to see, I'm opening your eyes."
"This is just too spooky for me."
"I told you before it's not spooky it's normal."

Well friends I don't care if it's supposed to be normal or not, it's fucking spooky. I'm not sure I'm ready to learn to see ghosts. I'm not sure if I want to. I wish I hadn't met my psychic friend. I was quite happy in my ignorance. I'll be seeing friggin ghosts all the time now. My friend said "you know some places are like Picadilly circus." Jesus I'm having enough trouble coping with seeing one ghost, never mind a crowd of them all milling around. I'm not sure I want this. I never asked for it. You guys know me I'm an athiest. I don't believe in such things. I'll take the piss and poo poo any one who says they believe in ghosts. I'm a musician, lover and bad dancer. I'm no psychic. Take it away.

iPod now playing Ghost town by the Specials


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