Friday, September 24, 2004

Closed for the weekend

I'm going to leave you guys for the weekend. I'll be having a think and getting to grips with this new phenomenon that has befallen me. I'll be talking to a few people. I'll be getting used to the idea. Already I'm a lot calmer about it. But there's still a few things I need to think about.

I'll be back first thing Monday morning, guns blazing and firing on all cylinders, OK it's going to be a quiet weekend. usually I feel like shit 1st thing Monday because I've been having a great time. But there'll be the usual voterooni on the Tuesday story. NO perves this time I'm afraid. People are beginning to think I spend all my time either showing people my dick or fixating on urine, neither is true. I hope that hasn't spoilt peoples opinion of me. Also I'm being informed I am crazy. Well on that one I wont comment but I wont endorse it either. I leave it to you to make up your own minds. Funnily enough if you trawl through blogs it's remarkable how many youngsters put in their profile "I am insane" perhaps that's a prerequisite of being young and cool nowadays. It doesn't sit so well on older shoulders.
More next Monday

Spook on Dudes

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