Monday, September 27, 2004

The Monday Voterama

I' m back from and eventful weekend and I've had a think and come to some very simple conclusions. I see ghosts. So f**king what? It's not a problem. It's not as if I see them everyday, they don't affect my life, things can go on as normal. Spooky things happen to me. Again, so what? The more I think about it the more I realise that "spooky" things have happened to me all my life, it's just that I've never thought about it that hard before. So there is no problem. I'm just the same as I was last week, the only thing that's different is someone took the trouble to point out to me the bleedin obvious. To bring together all the "spooky" stuff that's happened to me, so I see that they aren't all one off coincedences but an ongoing pattern of events that can't be rationally explained unless you accept certain things. And you know it's easier to just accept that this stuff happens and it's normal, than worry about it. So I'm drawing a line under this one. I'll let you know if anything else happens of course, but the panic is over. I'm very comfortable with the situation now.

Another thing I'm drawing a line under is this Anony Mouse thing. I don't know who it is and to be honest I don't care. It was interesting at first, but now ....... well I have better things to do than waste my time on someone who is too pathetic to identify him/herself. I've had it with losers. Life is too precious to waste playing stupid games. So that said on with the show.............

Saturday Richard came to see me from the band "Within". Seems he and Abi had a gig and it was such short notice that his band couldn't make it. He asked me if I could help out. Well apart from the fact I didn't know any of the songs on their set list or had ever played any of them before, it wasn't a problem. I just play. I've been doing it for years most notably with my own band Ad-Hock. There's never a gig goes by without them throwing a new song at me and I'm expected to play it. We never rehearse, there's no point, we never know what we're going to play, our gigs are like a live request show where people shout out what they want to listen to then we play it.

So Saturday night we found ourselves in Quinks hometown, Stamford. More specifically at the Green Man at the top of the High Street. Rather than struggle through the crowd we passed all the equipment through the window, speakers, amplifiers, guitars etc and set up. Richard and Abi did the first set as a duo then in the break we went through a list of songs we were going to do. Richard told me the key we were going to be playing in and the general sequence of chords, which was a luxury for me, normally I only get "one two three" bang and we're into a new song, I have seconds to figure out what the song is, what key we're playing in, and catch up. So being prewarned.......... well it's as good as knowing what the hell you're doing. The gig was brilliant fun. I even got paid. Wow! It's great to be appreciated. Richard and Abi were buzzing. Itwas the first time they'd ever played their set acoustically. It sounded fabulous. We even had this guy Chris in the background playing conga's big Tom Tom drums. The Landlord Tony was really pleased and asked us to play again. I don't know if "us" will include me, as I was just a stand in for the night. We'll see. But it would be fun.

Anyway nows the time to send me your vote on the Tuesday story, here are the four runners:

In trap one ..............The Johnny Grays (you can never be too prepared)

In trap two..............Spying (the security of our nation is at stake.....)

In trap three............Custard Pie (When you lose control of a situation)

In trap four.............Flies (Nature takes it's course)

I'm afraid there's no sex or perving in any of these stories, well not much, sorry Del, I've had it with people thinking I've got a dick fixation or a urine fetish. So cast those runes, throw the dice, what ever, choose your fate, like the flapping wings of a butterfly, your choice could have repercussions through out the world.
Nothing like a good build up.

Rock on Dudes


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