Monday, October 04, 2004

Faith No More

Sad news. You may as well know that I have parted company with my band. I could make some comments about personal differences or professional differences but that would be irrelevant and unfair to the other guys. I can honestly say that there has not been one second on stage that I haven't loved. Even when we've all been dog tired and struggling, it's been great. I have had a lot of fun. It's been an honour to play with the guys and now it's all over. I confess to being really sad about it, but life must go on, nothing stands still, life is in a constant state of flux things change and without change we stagnate. So I guess change is good. But it's that moment of change that's always uncomfortable. It's always safe and secure and comfortable if nothing ever changes. But then where's the challenge? So onwards and upwards. There's always more funny stories to write and more music to play.

Talking of stories, hey ho, guess what it's Monday and it's voting day. So todays vote involves tales of such intrigue and adventure that you'll be hard pressed to decide. So as usual, hardly any clues as to their content, although if you take note, over the weeks, the clues change and you may build up an idea. Anyway on the starting line this week

Johnny Grays ---plundering the depths in the gents toilets (Sorry Robin)

Spying--- Saving the nation from itself, a tale of national security.

Mayday--- God help you if you need to fly anywhere.

Flies ---This has nothing to do with trousers or gents toilets or urine or willies I just thought I'd make that quite clear. So what else could it be but............

So lets forget my own personal disasters and get on with the business at hand, that is voting on tomorrows story, start voting now.

Rock on Dudes

iPod now playing - Fool to cry by The Rolling Stones


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