Monday, October 11, 2004

Vote rigging- shock exposé

Monday again and it's time to vote on tomorrows story.
I really ought to write a few more so the choice is bigger but I never seem to have the time. I work to a deadline, I'm always better under pressure. I'm up at 6:30 am writing a new story every monday to add to the list. So today I wrote a story about a pheasant. Now I'm not plugging this story in anyway, so don't let that sway you, just don't vote for it if you're of a sensitive disposition. Everyone else will vote for it and you wont have a choice. Ha Ha. But we've still got the legendary Johnny grays, a few people have guessed what that's about, some have been close too. Flies is still on the list no ones been even close to guessing that story as is the case of Mayday. I was thinking of putting in another willy story just to appease the constant requests I get. You know who you are. But I'm still working on that one. But you can be safe and secure in the knowledge that none of the stories contain any reference to Gimp masks. So that's alright then. Sorry Del but I'm very inexperienced in the subject of gimp masks, so you can plead all you like. The pink knickers episode was bad enough. But I now officially in a public arena will declare that I WILL DRAW THE LINE at going to pizza hut dressed in a nappy. I don't care if that's your boys birthday request. Love him as much as I do like a nephew, but enough is enough. I could just about tolerate going dressed in an Ipswich football strip (love the horse) but nappies? (That's diapers for you american guys) I don't think so. Why did I have to choose friends like this? Why can't I have normal friends.

Anyway enough of my problems, here's the list to remind you of what's on offer this week:

Johnny Grays




Take your pick, make that call, you've got til 8:30am tuesday (GMT) then the votes wil be counted. All three of them. Ha Ha

Rock on Dudes

iPod now playing - Matchstick Cats and dogs by Mike and Bernie Winters


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