Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'm still alive

I survived Christmas. One of the strange things that I guess you can all relate to is that I made a point of deliberately slobbing out over Christmas. No cooking, no doing anything, just slobbing. As a result I spent most of the Christmas period asleep. The less I did, the more I needed to sleep, I was falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Normally my life is hectic non stop. I don't have time to think, I like it that way. But all this inactivity is dulling me. I'm going to have to step up a gear again. The Christmas eve gig went OK, we had people up and dancing and singing along. The man who can't be named did a stirling job on the mixing desk and doing the music between sets. The bad news is the Landlord of the pub we played at was found on the floor of the pub yesterday morning by the lady who services the fruit machines. He'd had a stroke. He's in hospital now. Can't talk, can't use his left arm. Tonight was my music club. It was a lot of fun. All my friends turned up. Del Tony Paul Simon. I think I'm doing a good job hiding the winter depression. I've only got a few more weeks before I come out of this. I think on the outside the only difference people notice is that I'm quieter than I normally am. I must be the only person who has lost weight over Christmas. Well you know me I don't eat if I'm not hungry and as I've been a lazy sod I haven't burnt up the calories so I'm not hungry. For the last three days I've only eaten once a day. God this is getting boring. I'll stop now before I have to kill myself through lack of inspiration. I promise I'll be firing on all cylinders soon. Meanwhile I'm on autopilot.


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