Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How Mad Do You Have To Be?

Where's the sense in it? My ex wife has been targetted along with others by vandals. They've smashed her front door. Thrown bricks through her kitchen window and today smashed her garden fence. She knows who's doing it, but the police need proof, as in video evidence. Otherwise they wont do anything. The vandals are these 12 and 13 year old boys last week the police caught them vandalising cars, but not before they'd caused £37,000 worth of damage to 20 cars in the same road on the same night. They were released. And so the vandalism continues.
Her neighbour heard a smash and ran out to see the boys running away from his car, the window was smashed. He chased them up the road as they ran they said they'd get him.
Two hours later the fire brigade were dowsing down his torched car.
The police advise people not to confront these little shits for fear of retribution. The world is increasingly becoming one of fear, fear of vandalism, of attack , of theft. The people are impotent, they are not allowed to fight back for fear of being prosecuted. The police do nothing. So what's the answer?
My next door neighbour took a base ball bat to a vandal last year. He got fined £400 for the privelige of protecting his property and convicted of grievous bodily harm. He broke the guys arm.
All the time nothing is done, these little shits think they are invincible and go on to more and more vandalism and other crimes. They laugh in the face of authority, they're too young to be prosecuted. The police do not frighten them.
There must be an answer.
I'm madder than a bag of snakes right now. How mad do we need to be before something is done?

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