Saturday, May 28, 2005

Copperhead Road

Thanks to Steve HERE I've now nailed Copperhead Road on Mandolin. I am quite pleased with myself. Steve sent me an mp3 of him and his mate playing it live on stage. I was impressed enough for it to inspire me to learn it. I don't play it exactly the same way but I think I've got the flavour just right. So Del and I could be playing Copperhead Road live one day, maybe even Monday night at our next gig. Which is the day after tomorrow. We're dining out tonight for Mikeys birthday, going cypriot. Luckily this year I'm not being forced to wear pink ladies undies, which totally traumatised me for months afterwards. So not much time for a rehearsal. What! Rehearsal? What am I thinking? Shame on me. We never rehearse. It's like a mantra we say to each other "No rehearsals". Keep it fresh, keep it immediate, keep that delicious frisson of terror that you're going to totally cock it up on the night. We did once. It was a Mike Da Hat and friends gig. We'd played all night and at 10:50 we ran out of songs on our set list. Bad planning. So being full of bravado and confidence I suggested we did a run through of "Hey Jude" knowing full well that every one loves the Na Na na Nanana nar singalong bit. Unfortunately we started in the wrong key and no one (read me) could sing it comfortably, so I'm struggling to sing Hey jude and in turns singing in a pathetic falsetto and then basso profundo and nothing in the middle. So the grand finale was a grand failure.

Last night I met the man who should not be named at the pub, who explained to me why he didn't want to be mentioned on my blog. "My life is already a cartoon." and I suppose he doesn't wants to end up in a cartoon graveyard. Each comedic episode posted for the world to see further emphasising the cartoon nature of his existence.


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