Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Alton Towers

Oh dear! oh dear! Have Alton Towers got it so wrong?
They have a new ride it's the most death defying ride of all time it's faster than a Ferrari more accelleration than a space shuttle. So they sat down and decided to think what to call it.
They've already got "OBLIVION".
They've already got "NEMESIS".
So why didn't they choose something like "The predator" or "Doomsday" or anything....... any thing would have been better than what they chose




Rita? Who thought of that? It hardly stirs the blood into a frenzy of adrenalin and expectation. With a name like that I'd be expecting to go on a ride comprising cups and saucers and little plastic parasols.

So if anyone can think of a better name than Rita, for the worlds most terrifying ride, post it in the comments box, and I'll send a letter to Alton Towers suggesting the alternative name.

Rock on Dudes


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