Friday, June 10, 2005

Do me eyes

Charlie turned up last night sober for a change. God! He was kicking. Wearing his anti fit jeans that make him look like an elephant from behind with his crutch round his knees. But hey! That's fashion for you.
We recorded another of his songs "Do me eyes" I suppose you could translate that as "Fuck me eyes" so I guess you get the gist. It's quite an emotional song and the first few takes of the vocal tracks Charlie was sitting down but he said he couldn't get the full force of the song unless he stood up to sing it. So we had to move everything around to give him space to perform. And perform he did. he didn't have an audience but he was moving like he was playing a stadium gig. At various times he was rigid standing bolt upright feet firmly together, then bent double, then almost on his knees as he swooped and swayed as he sang. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He claimed it was sweat. I guess he had sweaty eyes. I just watched in amazement as he gave the performance of his life.
No one has come up with a method of me posting mp3's yet so if anyone wants to hear "Do me eyes" drop me a line and I'll email it over.
So now we have four songs of Charlies album recorded one complete three work in progress. Then we've got the Delandahat promotional CD that we're working on. That's to give people who might potentially book us and ask "What sort of music do you play?"
Recording songs takes ages. It's very time consuming.

So in the news this week is a guy who stabbed to death his friend who sold his virtual sword that he'd got after spending weeks playing on line games.
The friend sold the sword which doesn't really exist, for $450. Now judges and lawyers are argueing about what constitutes property can a virtual item be property? How can you own something that doesn't exist except in a computer game?
My daughter Gemmalah was telling me last night that various Geeky friends of hers at university are earning money on the side playing on line games for people who can't get past certain stages of their game. They pay them to play on their behalf by the hour or half hour to get them the tools (virtual tools) needed to complete the game or to get past obstacles that they haven't been able to figure out. They earn much needed beer money this way.

Meanwhile in Peterborough thieves stole a Mitsubishi Shogun and used it to ram raid an off licence near here. They totalled the Mitsubishi by taking out the concrete bollards in front of the shop, then torched it before making off at high speed in a stolen Subaru Imprezia. Police gave chase around the streets of Peterborough and cornered the perps, in Surprise Surprise, the Gypsy caravan site. Officers were confronted by a gang of Gypsies armed with steel bars. Only the other week a Gypsy spokesperson was in the paper saying that his people were honest, decent hard working folk who were being given a bad press.

News just in: Police arrested a drug dealer in the street outside my shop an hour ago. As I write police are combing the graveyard opposite for evidence. They wont have to look very hard. There's evidence all over the place, needles, baking foil, lighters, spoons you name it. Oh that and a thousand empty plastic two litre bottles of Frosty Jack. Tennants special brew. Now there is a new directive that says manufacturers of electrical appliances are responsible for disposal of the waste when the appliance is no longer servicable. I wonder if we could extend that to Cadbury Swcheppes who make Coca Cola. Make them responsible for all the cans littering the place. Then move on to Tennants and Fosters. It's an idea.

Oh and while I'm at it do these piss heads realise that while they're continually pissing in the graveyard they are upsetting the delicate ecological balance of nature, enriching the soil with Nitrates, thus making the orchids die off because they prefer nutrient poor soil. You win some you lose some.

Rock on dudes.


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