Monday, June 13, 2005

The Talbot

Saturday night went to see my friends Simon and David play at the Talbot. David had this portable PA system that sits in a clam shell suitcase, 300watts of raw power. I think they were running it on 3 watts. I could hear their guitars over and above the speakers. Not only that they were playing along to a backing track. It was all very low key and apologetic. There were times when I couldn't hear them play at all. All I could hear was the backing track. I don't want to sound elitist or anything like that but surely backing tracks are cheating somewhat?
Not only that David in his wisdom placed the suitcase out front with the two speakers either side giving them hardly any room to play. It just acted like a barricade between the performers and the audience. Maybe he did want to hide behind it. I don't know, I just know it's not the way I'd have set it up. But it was a good evening, they played well. I enjoyed it.

In Peterborough there's a massive new housing development on the site of the old London Brick works. Hampton. If you look from the dual carriageway you can see acres and acres of flat levelled land with nothing built on it at all yet except for a service road and three bus shelters in a row along the road. Now that's what I call getting your priorities right. There's no houses so no people but there are three bus shelters.

There's a charity open air music festival next Sunday in Stilton at The Talbot, I'll be playing there. I haven't told Del yet so he may or may not be coming with me. We'll see. We could showcase our Copperhead Road song there. That would be fun.

Keep on Rocking dudes


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