Monday, June 27, 2005

Mobile phones 4 U

The delivery man just came in with a new mobile phone for my assistant manager.
"Ah ha must be Sammies new phone." I said.
"That's right. From O2."
I look at the packaging, there is no mention of O2 in the outside of the parcel no mention of a mobile phone.
The deliveryman went on ".... they've had to put the phones in plain packages because the phones we're being stolen, the management were finding loads of old wrappers tucked behind cupboards and inside other parcels with the phones gone. So now they use plain packaging."
"So how did you know it was a mobile phone in this one?"
"Because it's in a plain package with absolutely nothing written on it."
So it seems parcel force staff all have the very latest mobile phones. Oh yeah and I'm told City link staff are also very up to date phone wise.


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