Thursday, June 23, 2005

Reefer Cats

The other night Charlie came round wanting to record his very latest song. Chrikey Mulikey he writes a song a week, the boy never stops. So we mucked about recording til 10:20 when a friend phoned wanting to go to the pub. So we went and sat in the beer garden chatting. We chatted so long the pub turned off all the lights in the garden, the lights in the pub toilets, and then the rest. In the darkness my friend lights up a joint.
"You know" he says, trying not to exhale as he speaks "cats love marijuana. They can't get enough of it."
"Really?" I say trying to figure out where that statement came from.
"It's true. You spark up and every cat in the neighbour hood will be round trying to get a toke."
"Christ! Reefer cats. Great name for a band you know."
"They're suckers for the stuff."
Next thing I know a cat turns up near our table then another and the first jumps up onto the table and gives my friend a hard stare. "Put some of that shit my way man," purred the cat. the cat mooches around my friend who's chuffing away nicely, suddenly the cat falls off the table and rolls around in the grass. I'm gobsmacked. I've never seen anything like it.
My friend just grins. "See I told you cats love dope. Now is that a happy cat or what?"
The cat is still rolling around on it's back with it's paws in the air, it certainly does look extremely happy. The other cat comes close. It's not so bold. He meows at it and makes little clicking noises. It comes a little closer. Meanwhile my friend is still chuffing away on his joint and suddenly the second cat is on it's back rolling around the grass on the otherside of the table."There you go." says my friend "isn't it great to give our little animal friends so much pleasure."When the joint was gone the cats buggered off too. Fairweather friends.
So next time you wonder why cats are so laid back and sleep a lot. It's probably because they're all dope fiends. It's a groovy funky cat type thang.

Rock on Dudes


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