Friday, July 08, 2005


There's a lot of things going on in the world right now, not least the latest bombings. It makes you stop and think, take stock of what's important in life.
Nelson Mandela said "Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation.Let your greatness blossom. Of course the task will not be easy. But not to do this would be a crime against humanity, against which I ask all humanity now to rise up."
So why not OUR generation? We've been freeloading on this planet long enough. What have we actually done? I mean really done, apart from rape the planet of it's resources? OK we've had Live aid twenty years ago and we dipped our conscience pricked hands into our pockets and felt good. Since then we've donated to various causes to salve our guilt or conscience or out of sympathy. But have we changed anything? No. It's still the same shit world we were born into and in some respects it's a worse world. We haven't made anything better.
You could argue that in our times we've had massive leaps forward in science and technology and medicine, saving lives. But still the gap between the rich and the poor has got ever more greater. We've improved our standard of living at the expense of others.
So when Nelson Mandela calls upon me personally to stand up and be counted, to be great, to be part of that generation that finally makes a difference I'll be there. I want to be part of that movement where we stop taking the piss out of our planet and it's peoples. I want to be great. I want to be proud. I want to be remembered for doing what's right.
And it's not strictly me personally being remembered but my generation that's you and you and of course you as well.
I don't want to go to my grave knowing that we've pissed away all our chances of making the world a better place for our descendents. I don't want our generation to be remembered for being the generation, of don't cares and wont do's, to be despised in the future for being a bunch of no good selfish tossers.
And as the Americans like to say frequently. "It's not going to happen on my watch." Well this is our watch. We're on duty now. The ball has started rolling. Do we let it roll to a stop or do we keep on pushing and become the great generation. Because let's face it, we DO have the POTENTIAL to be GREAT. We also have the potential to let it slip by and fuck it all up.
The choice is yours.
Do you want to be great? I do.


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