Monday, July 04, 2005

The Entertainment Factor

In an effort to alleviate the boredom I took a trip down to the Nene River where The Angling Times were holding there fishing competition. Gripping stuff, action all the way, it was nail biting. All these fisher dudes with their perch poles made of high tensile carbon fibre which were about fifty foot long. These rods/ poles were so long they could reach the other side of the river and they didn't seem to be catching anything. How ever there was one guy with the traditional rod,line and reel and he was catching fish one ofter another. It seems a far cry nowadays to the fishing when I was a lad. There's none of this sling in the line and watch the float for three hours while you read a book. No these guys are busy all the time placing bait, (You don't just sling it in anymore it's carefully positioned.) sucking their maggots, sticking out their poles, adjusting floats, changing the ends of the poles for different jobs. it's a non stop affair fishing. I rather watch paint dry.

So we dived off to the pub to watch Pink floyd on the big screen; the event of a lifetime. A band, Crazy Turtle, were playing at the pub and under instruction to stop playing the moment Pink Floyd walked onto the stage.
Someone shouted "Pink Floyd!" bar staff ran out into the garden to get the beer garden crowd in. The bar where the band was playing emptied instantly and we all crowded round the big screen in the other bar.
"Turn it up. We can't hear it."
Crazy Turtle started into another song. They were playing to an empty room. Except they were so loud we couldn't hear Pink Floyd and various people started swearing and cussing.
"It's fucking Pink Floyd so shut the fuck up."
"Piss off you cunts we want to hear Pink Floyd."
The band ignored these polite requests to stop playing and carried on. They finished the song.
"Turn up Pink Floyd Steve."
Crazy Turtle started another song. Several people ran through to the other bar to remonstrate with the ignorant fuckwits. They were past being polite. Threats were made. These guys in the band were certainly going to suffer some bodily harm. Eventually they stopped playing.
Someone shouted "You wont get another booking here you ignorant cunts."

We watched the rest of Pink Floyds performance, brilliant.
To be fair Crazy Turtle weren't a bad band at all. In fact at times they were pretty good. But not as good as Pink Floyd.

Last time on Live Aid Bob Geldorf was effing this and effing that and we didn't think much of it. I noticed during the proceedings on Live 8 three people saw fit to use the F word and I for one wasn't impressed. Madonna said it. The guy from Keane. And somehow it seemed inappropriate. Totally unnecessary. There's a time and place for bad language and on that stage and at that time wasn't it. Unlike at the pub when Crazy Turtle didn't stop playing. Then it was totally justified.

The drunks are starting to kick off across the road in the cemetary. I've noticed a few new ones turn up to add to our usual compliment of drunks who trail back and forth across the road to the Off Licence. A few minutes ago they were in the middle of the road argueing with each other and stopping traffic.
One thing I've noticed about our drunks is there are several classes of drunk. We've got the all out no hopers total alcoholics and then theres the younger hardened drinker set. This second group are the new boys on the block. Fairweather drinkers. Then you've got a sub class of young teenage girls who seem to hang around with the older drunks. I suppose they're the chavettes who think it's cool to hang with the drinkers. Then there's the serious girls with bad skin and hollow cheeks usually far to thin to look healthy. They are not chavs. Denims and piercings seem to be their trademark.
Recently we've noticed a lot of eastern european drunks. far from home no family can't speak English and smashed. They've usually got shaved heads or very short hair. They're not alcoholics as such. So we've got a whole summer of entertainment to look forward to. By the law of averages at least one of the drunks will die over there in the cemetary.
It's a sad fact that the money these guys spend on drink to kill themselves would feed a whole family for a week in Africa, and they'd probably make better use of their lives too. Eeeek I'm getting political that wont do at all.

Rock on dudes


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